Thank you all for your generosity. There are many more work to be done. Our work is far from over. With your continuous monthly support, we will accomplish our goals in improving the lives of these vulnerable children. So please join us and make 2023 a big change for our children and families. Your donations are tax deductible in the US.
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Would you and your family rather have enough nourishable meals that sustains healthy life or have no or little meal that could potentially lead to health problems or death? With a monthly gift of $ 25.00 or more, you will help us continue to feed these children on a regular basic and improve their lives. I am sure you will also have inner fulfilment and joy when your see the result of your donation. You will also be updated from time to time on the condition of the children and further programs that would improve their lives. You can be that one person to impact a child’s life.

Your Donations are 100% tax-deductible in the US.
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$ 150.00
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You can donate your unwanted to out cause

. Clothing, shoes for men, women & children
. Toys
. School supplies
. Any clean good used or new items
. Handbags
. Linens, bedding, curtains
. Household items.
. Any clean good used or new items

.Adopt one of our donation barrels for your church, school, organization, Senegal to participate in our cause. You can also drop-off items or call us for a pick-up.



Volunteers are responsible to raise their own funds for travel expenses for our mission trips. If you want to make a difference in the lives of others. We encourage you to join us for a trip abroad.

* Teachers
* Sustainable farming and livestock management
* Plumbing, water purification, irrigation
* Doctors, nurses, nutritionist
* People with a heart for serving
* Any other skill that might be helpful

Do you want to help our cause, but don't have the funds? Join our free online campaign on and These are two ways you could help raise money for our cause without any cost to you.
1. Go to or
2. Type or select His Call To Serve in the question box "Who Do You Goodsearch or Goodshop for?"
3. Click verify and Continue your search or shop
4. Invite others to use and on our behalf and let us know your support for us
5. Make your home page.

Each time you search the internet from, the company donates a penny to our cause; and when you use to shop from any of their online stores, a certain percentage of your purchased amount is also donated to our cause. Every penny counts. Together we can make a difference.
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