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At His Call To Serve, we strive to uplift and revitalize the communities in Liberia suffering from extreme poverty, poor education, and a weak healthcare system. Our work is possible because of your generous support. Your donation can make a significant difference and give hope to the many in desperate need of our assistance.


Your contribution supports our comprehensive approach to development. Here’s how:

  • Just $10 can provide a month’s worth of nutritious meals for a child battling hunger and malnutrition.
  • $25 can provide clean water to a family for a month, improving their health and hygiene.
  • $50 can help us procure essential medical supplies for a local clinic, improving healthcare services for a community.
  • $100 can contribute to renovating a classroom and improving the learning environment for students.
  • $500 can sponsor a year’s tuition for a child, creating opportunities for their future.
  • $1000 or more can initiate a small-scale, income-generating project for a community, fostering self-reliance and resilience.

Every dollar you give goes directly towards our mission of bringing sustainable development, uplifting communities, and promoting social change. We cannot do it without your help. Your donation provides immediate assistance to those most in need and contributes towards a long-term solution to poverty in Liberia.

Remember, every donation, regardless of size, has an impact. Your gift today could be the catalyst for a better tomorrow for many. The fight against poverty is a long journey. Stand with us in this journey.

Donate today and become a partner in changing lives.

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